Article Directory Sites Provide Knowledge and Ideas to Further Your Business |

Article directory sites have popped up everywhere in the last few years. They are great places to find articles to enhance your newsletters, school research papers, websites, and product promotion. Most article directories accept articles posted to them for free. Why do these free article directories want you to submit your creative talent for writing or utilize free articles without remuneration in a central location? The answer is that both sides benefit.An article directory survives and thrives when advertisers place ads on their website. They can charge more as the traffic to their website increases. By getting original, high quality articles on many subjects posted to their directory, a critical mass is reached on the web. By gaining a superior reputation for quality and by having lots of content, they move up the ladder in the search engines.When you get ready to submit articles to the article directory or use articles from that directory for your own purpose, always carefully read the Privacy Policy or Disclaimer in each directory website to ascertain which directory you feel most comfortable using. If they are honest and open they will thoroughly explain what they do with the personal information you provide, and clearly explain their terms of service.Read a sampling of the articles submitted and decide if they meet your standard. You don’t want to submit your articles to a site that is just posting garbage. You want to make sure your article is posted to well-respected sites so that your article gets a good reputation as well.Now, how do you benefit by submitting unpaid articles? If you have a website selling a product or service, you want as many people knowing about what you have to offer as you can possibly get. Every general article you write pertaining to your product or service will generate a link to your website or blog. The more articles you write the better chance you have of “capturing” a sale. The more visitors you have, the higher up the list of a search engine you will climb. To get noticed on the web you have to generate content!Article writing is one of the best ways to generate traffic and links to your website or blog. To decide on the article directory you want to submit your writings to, look for articles directories that allow at least two or three links per article. Just as you may utilize articles already written, any articles you write (you should write as many original pieces as possible) should be good enough to be picked up by other websites. Your links will be included in the article and you will be eventually known online as an expert on the subject. This might result in “spin-offs,” hobbies and many other opportunities that you haven’t even thought about!One word about copyright: Your article is automatically copyrighted the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that is perceptible either directly or indirectly with the aid of a machine or device. You do not have to register it with the copyright office, but to be on the safe side, at the end of the article you write, either place a “c” in a circle with the year you submitted it and your name, or write “Copyrighted, the year and then your name” before submission.Choose an article directory with a wide range of articles. The more content on the directory, the more traffic that will come to submit or utilize the articles. Remember, integrity, quality and interest are the main criteria to make your decision about submitting articles and using them to further your business.