Directory Submission For SEO |

You can waste your time and efforts as web directory submission is reliant on the directory offering unique content and services, 100,000’s of clone web directories have sprung up and search engines like Google tightens and filters for certain links rendering them useless.Page Rank now days is not a source to assess a site worthiness, as PR has been discontinued by Google, so how do you source the quality directories to submit?Here I’m going to tell you how crucial it is to submit your website to the correct web directories for a successful search engine optimization campaign that will render a huge difference to your SEO efforts.Many of the internet’s web directories I found accept free as well as paid submission. The main issue with free directories is that they use a common script freely available with a cloned database to get the site off the ground, the owner of the site adds some kind of advertising to generate a small revenue, this infects your business with your competition and this common approach has created 100,000’s of sites that operate the same way. This approach does not install a high degree of authority for search engines.The database of links is usually copied to other sites to help generate more adverting revenue, they are not a unique source of information for search engines to trust, you can associate these directories as they mostly look and operate the same and use a common, freely available script for under $100.The most powerful web directories and useful ones have built a unique database, with search engine optmization systems, they can also offer cross marketing and feeds to Twitter/ RSS / Blogs and a review / rating system to showcase your business as well as giving you a back link and links into twitter and other popular web feeds. Adding to link value.Some allow you to build a Facebook like community so you can network, showcase your business and advertise your products or services, This type of advanced and enhanced directory is giving you the high authority back links and offering a massive marketing platform worth much more than the idea of simple link building, as they can send qualified leads direct to your website or generate leads direct to your business.Some will render/host your own business profile page which is uniquely indexed by Google, the higher quality sites will not cross infect your business with your local competitors.A paid submission guarantees that your website will gain the cross marketing options.However if your budget is economical and you opt in for a free submission, expect your business listing to be infected with your competitors, most directories will offer free submissions. Another disadvantage in free submission is your listing may lack the SEO URLs and Meta data which generates and bumps up your own unique page in Google results.In addition to getting back links with lead generation from high authority directories you can also get targeted traffic from web directories. Many users visit web directories to find their specific products or service. Web directories have organized categories and lists of businesses selling products or services.The organized categories helps search engines to define your niche for your website helping keywords and gives customers an easy point to access your business on the web.